Hi! Welcome to Whisper Bakes,

Thank you for joining us on this little whirlwind adventure of delicious treats and weight gain (on my behalf... with all the 'taste testing' I'm sure its coming) I'm Katie and this is my little tribe, must admit Oscar is a bit bigger than this now and running around like a boy who's eaten a 100 brownies on a sugar high of all sugar highs. Safe to say he keeps us busy. So more about Whisper Bakes...

So more about Whisper Bakes...Whisper Bakes opened its shiny virtual doors in March 2021, I planned to open a celebration cake business back in 2019... however I fell pregnant with the little pudding above and couldn't stand the smell of sugar... so that put a bit of spanner in the works. Fast forward a little, lockdown baby now at nursery and me finding the smell of chocolate and sugar amazing again, decided it was time to launch and

so here we are...

A postal yumminess service, sending postal treats all across the UK, from Brownies to Rocky Roads, Blondies to well lets just say there are a few surprises in the making. 

You can join our Shh Club (mailing list) and follow us on Instagram - @whisperbakes to keep up to date with any new products, discounts and general Whisper Bakes fun. 

Shh it's our little secret! But if you want to shout about us from the roof tops

we'll love you forever... and maybe send free cake!